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Your input to e-marketing methods (simplified explanation)

Electronic marketing methods are important areas that have recently spread and need to be talked about
One of us was expecting that someday he would have the ability to buy through the Internet
Or play with other people online or shop and follow the world news
All this from behind a small screen connected to the Internet while you are sitting in your place.

Years ago if you were talking to someone that everything would be available online so you would say you’re crazy,
And that this Internet must be a great magic force to achieve all these wishes,
All this is happening online today. In this article, we will learn about some of the characteristics of electronic marketing.

Definition of electronic marketing

The definition of e-marketing varies from person to person, and some are called online marketing
Some call it Digital Marketing and Digital Marketing too
But its content is the strategy used to rely on online methods to transform the virtual market into a physical market,
More clearly, it is any action you do on the Internet to promote
(Content, product, service, site registration, download application … etc.).

Wrong concept

Some confuse the idea of marketing as being only a sale,
Sometimes online marketing is Facebook or Google ads or advertising on any paid platform only
But to illustrate the sale or advertising are part of marketing just small gears in a big
This machine is the complete marketing process, which we will know some of its composition in the next lines.

Elements of e-marketing

E-marketing depends on a set of elements that act as gears as we explained earlier
Now we will put it in simple points to identify the principles of electronic marketing.

market study:

The first elements of e-marketing you should study the market
To know what the target customer needs and the size of the market and competition
It is then decided whether competition will enter this product or service.

Identify tools:

Tools are a very effective way to help you succeed and improve results
In our case, these tools will be a set of services, including free and paid
If everything were done manually, Internet marketing would have suffered for everyone who worked with it
And so today you find tools that facilitate the process and help you in time.

Preparation of marketing plans:

No company or individual can succeed in marketing a product without a plan or else it will be a stroke of luck and unexpected recurrence,
The marketing plan is the key element in the marketing process and the beginning of the real interaction
The elements of the project shall be the definition of objectives of all types, whether short-term or long-term
Then put in place the appropriate budget
And then identify the external sources that will be relied upon in the agreed plan.

special skills:

This element is exceptional and does not compare to the above elements because all that is mentioned can be easily dealt with
Here we are talking about what makes the difference and makes the results exceptional
Here we know the difference between a traditional e-marketer and another professional and skills (innovation, vision, creativity)
Hence the professional can get the Most Unexceptional results at the lowest cost
And also by the experience of his experience will have the ability to build good relations with others to achieve better results.

Electronic marketing methods

Marketing commission:

Is the largest electronic marketing methods in our time and is traded millions of dollars a day,
It depends on the sharing of profits between the marketer and the commission itself which promotes and sells the product with the owner of the same product or service.

Marketing by Blogging:

Blogging is now one of the most important methods of e-marketing at all,
Because by blogging you can market anything by writing an article about it that matches the search engines
Or get paid traffic and better results.

Marketing by Search Engine Authentication (SEO):

This type of e-marketing methods is useful for owners of websites, forums, and e-shops,

As we said earlier in the market research step, you should know the needs of the client and what he is looking for
With this type of marketing, you can appear on the front pages of search engines

If your content and keywords are searched on a large number
Here you will be among the search results or the first
You will receive a visitor to your site, and you will be marketing your product, website or store completely free.

Marketing by e-mail:

The methods that are marketed by e-mail are different
Including those who collect their mailing list through the subscription box on the site
And some of them to buy them money,
And then sends messages to customers either promotional messages with offers from the beginning
Or send messages with valuable content to establish a strong relationship with customers and then place these messages with their own offers.

Marketing by phone:

As we talked by e-mail we will use the same method with the phone
But instead of dealing with an email we will deal with a phone number.

The advantages of electronic marketing

Electronic marketing has great advantages that make it superior to traditional marketing stages. These advantages are:

  • E-marketing does not require a place of presentation (market or shop) or a dealer or a seller as is traditional marketing.

All this is done on the Internet without the seller meeting the buyer from the ground
The sale can be made from two different countries to receive the product wherever you are.

Because of the redundant costs of traditional marketing like the workers and the shop supply, there has been competition

In some cases, electronic marketing offers you better prices than traditional marketing.

Save time and effort The customer can review hundreds of existing products online

Without the need to wander through the shops to buy them in place.
The possibility of interacting with the customer provided by many sites in the form of direct support service

Or customer service to inquire or to obtain any information desired by the client

Thus, the product owner ensures that the customer is maintained for as long as possible.

A very large display area with hundreds of products that a traditional shop or market cannot contain,

While ensuring the right of the customer to replace and retrieve.


Electronic marketing has become modern
So you have to learn or at least take a note of it so that the processions of updates of the era.

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