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Top Google Chrome 2018 Additions for Successful Marketer!

To be a successful marketer does not require a large study as much as requires experience and knowledge gained by the experiences through the reality and successful attempts and other failed and to be able to draw conclusions and improve them must use tools that facilitate your steps and shorten your time and effort.

In this article, we will review some Google Chrome extensions that help you in your daily tasks as a marketer

Why Google Chrome?

You may use another browser like Firefox or Opera as a normal user, good browsers, but Google Chrome is the most browser has additions in various fields, including of course the field of e-marketing simply because Jogol Chrome is the most popular browsers and this according to statistics more than a site during the past months, Google Chrome is the most suitable choice for you as a successful marketer.

Google Chrome is the most popular browsers used by more than 60% of the size of this browser market next to the speed, of course, makes it the goal of the first developers in the programming of special additions to him and the e-marketing additions a good part of them.

Now we will review some of the most important additions of Google Chrome for e-marketing and we will also discuss the add-ons benefit not only to electronic marketing, but also helps you in your normal tasks as an Internet user.

The most important additions are Google Chrome for marketers


A very important tool especially if you use the email as one of your tools as a marketer, Boomerang provides you with very important features, including knowing the possibility of receiving you to respond to this email or not, it gives an assessment of the content of the email and accordingly determines the response rate of the customer.

It also enables you to send emails at a specified time to be suitable for the customer to receive and interact with them.

BuzzSumo is one of the best sites that an online marketer can rely on
To see how the audience is interacting with specific content in a particular area.

Imagine now what you might be able to do when you browse one of the competitors’ sites.
It simply analyzes the popularity of content on the competing site in terms of several factors including:
The interaction of the visitor with the content of the site on social media, and also admiration and participation.

This addendum also provides you with other important information which, when analyzed, can tell,
What makes this site unique and sometimes a leader in a topic, which helps you build content that can compete hard.


A very important tool for categorizing websites, including free and paid versions, provides you with a lot of information about the sites of competitors.
In terms of compatibility with search engines and ranking in the search results for a particular subject and is one of the strongest tools used in the field of SEO.


Do you have a new product or article you would like to promote on social networking sites without bothering to copy the link and go to each site?
This is the right tool for you to be able to promote on various social networking sites simultaneously and easily
And also track conversions made through these posts.


Whether you are a regular Internet user, marketer or blogger, Grammarly is indispensable.

Everyone writes and of course, there are spelling errors or grammar while writing an article or a subject in English is something that is not liked by everyone.

But if this is a mistake on a product page that you want to promote or want to sell, then this mistake can alienate the buyer from your site for lack of accuracy or professionalism, which makes him feel unreliable in your site.

This add-on is also available for other browsers including Firefox and Microsoft’s Edge.

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