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How to Increase Your Profits and Raise the Price of Clicks in Google Adsense

We talked in the previous article about what Google Adsense is and how to start to profit from it.
In this article, we will talk about how to increase your profit rate in Adsense.

Both of us are looking for how to profit from the Internet and Adsense is considered one of the best ways to benefit from the Internet.
But there is always a barrier to the owners of sites participating in Google Adsense is that the profits are low and the price of the click is fragile,
Which makes some people receive and feel frustrated.

But in this article we will talk about ways and steps to help you raise the price of the click and increase profits, God willing.

The first method is to determine which words have the highest CPC

One of the most important factors determining profit from the bottom line is the cost-per-click (CPC).

What factors affect the average CPC for your site?

Language of the site: Of course the foreign content of profits in which more than the Arab content
Domain Location: There are some areas where profit is earned more than other areas such as “Forex – Auto – Digital Currencies – and others.”
The quality of visitors and their interest: For example, Arab visitors have little profit compared to foreign visitors

How do you find the words that get the highest CPC rate?

We will use this tool:

Your search for the target words and then choose the keyword that gets the highest CPC as shown in this picture.

In short: CPC is determined by the companies in Google that want to show their ads on your site
And companies want to display their ads on websites the same field will pay more.

Method 2: Block sensitive and license categories.

This step is important to increase Adsense’s profits and tell you how to block sensitive and cheap categories.

Some categories contain ads that are provocative, immoral, and inappropriate for your visitors
Such as categories that include sexual connotations, dating sites, sites of witchcraft, witchcraft, and others.

How do you block these categories?

From within your Google AdSense account go to “Allow and block ads” then “All My Sites on the Web” then “Sensitive Categories.”
And blocks all categories that do not want their ad content to appear on your site.

Best places to place ads to increase clicks in Adsense:

  • Below the post title.
  • After two paragraphs of content.
  • After the end of the content.
  • In the head of the blog (hydroponics).
  • In the sidebar (top or middle side).

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