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How do you find the long keywords your target audience searches for?

As we have previously said, keywords are the spirit of the article. But how do you choose keywords to top search results as soon as possible ?! Here’s the tried-and-true strategy to get to your first page.

There are 3 types of keywords:

  • Short Tail Keyword
  • Medium-tail keywords
  • Long Tail Keyword

What are the long keywords?

In this article, we’ll talk about the Long Tail Keyword that your target audience is looking for.

Keywords are longer, more specialized, and more targeted sentences. Competition for them is fairly easy.

It consists of five to five words and is usually very specific. Terms like “free English courses for beginners” “free online courses”
Although the search rate is not great, using it certainly will allow you to get a good percentage of traffic.

It is preferred to rely on them at the beginning of your site to be able to go up to the front page in the search engines.

Some features of Long Tail Keyword:

Easy competition (competition for this type of word is often very easy for a few competitors)

Precision (deep search words are in most cases 99% accurate)

Long keywords increase your conversion rate and bring you the right visitor.

Best Way to Get – Long Tail Keyword:

1- Related searches

One of the most powerful and easiest ways to get long keywords is to rely on this free tool from Google which is “related searches”.
When you search for something on the search engine Google shows you search related to the subject you are looking for, and this is ignored by many people, but it is considered a gold mine for the owners of sites.

To get long keywords from related searches, type the keywords or keywords you’re targeting.

For example: If the keyword you wish to export is “Online Courses”, write it on Google and then look at the end of the first page and you will find “related searches” and from these words you will get many search words related to this subject, – Long Tail Keyword.

2 – Use the site to get – Long Tail Keyword

This is a great performance to get “Long Tail Keyword” for more than a search engine like “Google – YouTube – Bing and others”

How to use this tool to get a “Long Tail Keyword”, to identify it with an example.

You type the target word into the search box
The tool will automatically extract long keywords for you

Use the UberSuggest tool to see “Long Tail Keyword.”

If you like the previous site, here is the most wonderful tool that will save you a lot of time effort is a completely free tool provided by “Neil Patel”
In this beautiful tool it enables you to use it indefinitely and to infinity! You can get an infinite number of long keywords

Use Google Webmaster Tools to determine which words your target audience is using.

You access the Google search console, then “Search traffic” and “Search Analytics”

Then filter your search and choose “word placement”
Then you select the words in the position from “7 to 15” and choose the words that have a high search rate and start writing an article about them.

Now you know how to get “Long Tail Keyword” to top the search results and take your site to the front page.

Just just app, wait for your experience and the results you’ll get.

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