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Extra Tips to Increase Adsense Profits

Your blog must be fully compatible with mobile display

Make sure your blog is responsive to all large, medium, and small screens for mobile.
This increases visitors’ interaction with content and ads.

We recommend using Responsive Links modules.

Do not list non-mobile ad units.
 Avoid the curves of these units 728 * 90 for example and 336 * 228
And focus on the Responsive, 300 * 250 and 250 * 250

Design and mold

Try using a well-designed template that does not contain any software errors or errors in the design code.
More attractive to the user and thus increase your profits in Adsense.

Unique and Distinctive Content:

As they always say, “content is the king,” always make sure to write useful content for the reader in the first place.
Do not just show ads instead of paying attention to the visitor, because you are talking to human beings and not machines.

Be sure to write articles that are compatible with search engines.

Reduced bounce rates

What is the bounce rate? (The % of visitors who enter your site and then leave immediately without browsing more content)
A bounce rate is one of the things that will help improve your site ranking in search engines.

But it is also very useful to increase your AdSense earnings. The more visitors browse your site, the more likely they are to click your ads.

One of the ways to increase your visitor’s stay is to “add videos related to a topic for an article.” This is an effective way.
If you do not have a channel on YouTube, you can use other circuits that have a good reputation on your site.


Many users rely on Google Adsense as their primary or additional source of income.

Preferably, do not rely on Adsense as your sole source of income because you are simply at any time exposed to closing your account and not earning your profits.

So we recommend you look for other ways to profit from your site such as profit from commission marketing.

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