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7 Tips to Excellence in Blogging and Have a Successful Blog (Important Tips for Beginners)

There are so many blogs in the world, and with so many, few of them succeed and continue.

Some start with a strong start, then their enthusiasm diminishes after a while and disappears, while others surrender at the beginning of the road when facing some obstacles.
A few of them continue, succeed and achieve their goals of blogging.

If you plan to start blogging, here are the steps and tips that will help you achieve your goal.

The code must be compatible with all devices:

This is becoming essential in all sites and blogs in our time because most of the traffic comes through mobile. (And the number will increase soon)

This means that the blog should be compatible with all the different displays; if your blog is not responsive, you will lose a large number of visitors.

How do you know that your blog is compatible with all display devices?
You can use this site:

Publishing continuously:

Continuity is the secret of success in the blogosphere, and in anything in general.
Continuity in blogging will help you build a strong relationship with your audience.

For example, the visitor comes to your blog, then reads an article and admires the content; he enters your mailing list,
Then follow your blog continuously, become a reader, and follow you well. So if there is no renewed consistently content,
Your browser does not support iframes.

Therefore, all marketing experts in the world are advised to continue in blogging, in the content industry,
But have not yet agreed on the ideal number for publication! There are those who recommend publishing an article every day!
There are those who advise publishing an article every week, and there are those who recommend publishing two articles a week, and so on!

And the correct answer is to see the appropriate for you, and the number of articles that you can abide by your followers,
If your energy is to publish one article every month, stick to it and tell your audience to follow you.

Better than to promise to publish three times a week and do not adhere to this number, the conclusion is the correct answer you only!

Build a good reputation:

If you want to distinguish in blogging, you should be careful to build your reputation, so that it recognizes among all your competitors’ bloggers.
To build a good reputation, you have to have the style that distinguishes you from others,
You must have a unique, simple, and appropriate writing style for your target audience.

You should always communicate with your followers, provide them with the best information in the field, provide them with the best experience, and be keen to inform them first.
Following these steps will build an excellent reputation for you online, thus gaining the trust of your followers.

Build strong relationships:

Building relationships will ensure the success of your blog because these relationships can provide you with opportunities for collaboration with large organizations or companies in your field.
It can also provide you with a backlink build between you and the large sites in your domain, which will increase the power of your website and improve its ranking in the search engines.

So you should always look for new relationships in your field or outside your area. You can do this by using LinkedIn,
Or related to your domain on Facebook, or search on Google. All of these methods will ensure you have access to what you are looking for.

After you build strong relationships, there is a very important step, which is to give first before you ask. This is the secret to building strong long-term relationships.

Send a postcard:

One of the most powerful tools that make a blog successful is the “mailing list” through which you can send a newsletter.

A newsletter is one of the most popular types of e-mail
Generally, the newsletter contains information and topics you’ve recently posted to your site.

You can also add other details about your website or store such as a particular date or event.


Communicate with your customers and visitors and build a strong relationship between you and your customers
An important tool through which the customer can identify the latest news topics or products that you have added to your site
6 – Continue with your followers across Media Media:
Social networking pages are one of the most important ways to bring visitors to your blog. This starts with sharing your articles on your social media pages, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snap Chat, Patriot, and other social media.

After you’ve shared your article on Social Media, you should follow these publications and interact with your followers in the comments.
This helps you to strengthen the relationship between you and your followers, not only this, but it also benefits you in increasing the number of followers because you benefit them with your articles and your information.

This step is very important, and overlooked by many people, just a little effort and learn to manage the pages of Social Media you can do so easily.

Use attractive addresses:

Headlines is a very effective weapon for getting the most traffic, either from search engines or from social media. Because the first thing the visitor’s eye is located on is the address, so you should always care about the title and make it attractive and eye-catching.

You can search before writing the article title, and remember to:

Putting the keyword in this title is a very important step that is never overlooked.
Search on Google by keyword to find out which addresses already exist
Show the address to more than one person, ask them what they think of the title, and edit
Make sure you type the keyword in the first 60 characters in the title because Google shows the first 60 characters only.
The main goal of these headlines is to make the visitor click on them, go to the article and benefit, and then become a follower of your blog.

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